You Won’t Believe What This Dog Does NOT To Eat Alone


It’s dinner time at Bonnie and Clyde’s house! Bonnie gets her plate given to her on the kitchen floor by Dad (or the stand in Waiter, as he is otherwise known) and starts tucking in like any normal dog would. Then Clyde’s dinner is provided elsewhere in the kitchen. So far so standard, right?

Well, it turns out that Bonnie doesn’t like solo dining and prefers her meals to be a more intimate affair. Rather than waiting for the Waiter to re-sit her, she takes matters (and her plate) into her own hands; securing the plate between her gnashers before doggy moonwalking backwards to dine with Clyde! Her butt goes like the clappers, circling like a helicopter as she reverses herself into position.

She is just so sweet as she wriggles her way over in a huge rush to spend more time with her new buddy before really tucking in to her tucker!


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