You Won’t Believe The Sound That Comes Out Of This Sleepy Bulldog’s Mouth!


Waking up is never easy, especially when you have been dreaming of chasing rabbits. For most people, it takes a few minutes and a strong cup of joe to get going in the morning. Buddha the Bulldog is no different and has his own routine when he is woken up!

Buddha’s routine mainly consists of him making some VERY unusual sounds to express his displeasure. Sounding like a cross between Chewbacca and a creaky door, Buddha complains vociferously at the intrusion and waves his paws around in disgust.

The sounds then get…weirder….. Doing his best impression of a parrot in severe pain, Buddha continues to complain about the situation, appealing for just five more minutes snoozing!

Mom and Dad break out into fits of laughter which just annoys Buddha more, who hauls himself up and away to face the day, despite his very real aversion to it!