You Won’t Believe The Greeting This Husky Gives His Dad!


One of the best things about owning a dog is seeing their wagging tail and happy face when you return home from a trip outside. In this video, that experience is ramped up to number 11 on the dial, when an owner returns home to his loving Husky after six weeks away.

The Husky is already waiting at the front door, excitement exuding from every pore, and when Daddy comes home, boy oh boy – it’s FUN TIME!

The Husky pretty much tackles his daddy to the floor with hugs, licks, kisses and yips. He pins him to the floor so he can never escape again and lets dad know just how much he loves him, cuddling him around the neck and not letting up in his love for even a second.

Watching this video is an absolute joy, seeing how much affection there is between doggy and owner – it certainly caused us to say ‘Awwwwwww’!

The method works though, and Roux is free to live another day of booger freedoggydom!

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