You Won’t Believe How Excited This French Bulldog Gets At The Dog Park!


This dog is having a BALL!

Eva the French bulldog LOVES the dog park. Not only does she get to play and socialise with other furry friends but there are also BALL PITS! These ball pits seem to be Eva’s favourite thing ever. She leaps and spins around in one before boinging out at great speed to jump into another. She loves hiding in amongst the balls and then suddenly springing out and startling the other dogs.

Speaking of other dogs, they just look on with a face screaming “Oh great, this dufus again.” It’s so funny watching Eva have the time of her life hopping and twirling around and then grinning at the camera. Ball pits are the best! In the end, she gets so worked up she starts panting like it’s 100 degrees and races off for a well-earned drink. Funny pup!

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