Yorkshire Terrier Pets His Owner And It’s Awesomely Cute


Petting your dog makes you feel good. In fact, it’s been proven that stroking and petting your dog releases feel good endorphins into your brain and can actually make you happier. Well, it appears that Rilo the Yorkshire Terrier has been reading the research and is turning the whole thing on its head!

He seems to be doing some sort of roleplay here, lying next to his owner Ricky and gently petting his face. It’s utterly adorable to watch as he strokes his paw repeatedly up and down Ricky’s cheek, gently caressing him and seeming to say “Don’t worry, everything’s ok.”

When Ricky gives him a kiss, Rilo shuts his eyes in utter bliss and it’s just SO cute.

Of course, you could interpret this video another way and suggest that Rilo is simply trying to climb up and over Ricky, but we are big softies at heart – we are sticking with the petting story! Does your dog ever give you cuddles like this?

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