Yorkshire Terrier Adores This Little Baby But Mom Never Expected To See This


How frustrating. The phone rings just as the baby is nodding off to sleep, but the poor little chap isn’t wrapped up snug and warm in his blanket yet. What’s a fella to do? Well, if you are lucky enough to have a conscientious Yorkshire terrier called Misty, like this fellow does, you can just leave bedtime to the doggy expert.

Misty is just too sweet for words and she uses her nose to gently nudge the baby’s blanket over his legs to keep him warm as he naps. She is a persistent little thing too, not giving up until he is totally tucked in. The baby is totally oblivious to it all as Misty is so gentle with her attentions. He even manages to nap through Mummy giggling as she films it all!

This video has it all: a cute dog, an adorable baby and a big old spoonful of awwwww.



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