Who Needs Gangnam Style When You Have Samoyed Style?


When Henry Mancini composed ‘The Baby Elephant Walk’, we doubt he expected it to be used as an accompaniment to a very large Samoyed walk! This Samoyed LOVES to go on his walks. To show his pleasure, starts dancing around with style, elegance and a very dribbly tongue hanging out!

He starts by a quick bounce followed by the classic dance move, the spin. This is followed up by some excellent prancing and flouncing, with a big ole body pop thrown in for good measure. His tail wagging, body bouncing dn waving tongue are cute, cute, cute to watch and then he pulls out the big guns: THE HEAD TILT! This giant furry puffball doing the doggy head tilt will just about break your heart with cuteness!

When Mom hits the dancefloor, the Samoyed seems to be saying “Why aren’t you dancing Mom?!?!”

Isn’t it great seeing such a happy dog?

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