What Would YOUR Dog Write In Their Diary?


Ever wondered what your dog is thinking when it pulls that mournful face with sad puppy dog eyes? This video gives some insight into what they may be thinking and there seems to be some common themes!

We learn that dogs feel sorry for other dogs who have been neutered, that cat poop is considered ‘pee sprinkled candy’, that humping legs is all because of cats giving dogs a slightly warped ‘birds and the bees’ talk and that dogs are concerned about the fact that humans seem unable to go to the toilet in public!

In addition, humans are apparently jealous of the fact they can’t lick their own genitals, which is why they tell pups off when they see them do it, that there are ‘4 circles’ of pooping and that paw shaking is potentially how the devil buys souls – according to cats at least.

One dog is especially confused about being asked where the ball is only to have it thrown farther away and gets into an esoteric philosophical conversation with himself that leaves him befuddled.

Despite these dogs all being seemingly sad, they all cheer themselves up the same way; by peeing on something they probably shouldn’t!


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