What This Dog Does In This Fountain Will Have You Laughing All Day

dog playing in fountain

We all know how it feels to get a little overheated on a hot, sunny day. How many of us have walked through a town centre and seen fountains shooting up into the air and wished you could just run around and cool off? Well this clever little dog divided to do just that!

He has a whale of a time dashing and darting between the fountains at the Brooklyn Museum, doing his utmost to land on top of the water, eat it all up and chase it until it dies down. The little chap is so funny as his legs and ears flail around, boinging and bouncing with joy in his heart.

He can’t quite work out why he can’t ‘catch’ the fountains, which is adorable, and the little shake he gives near the end as he gets ready for round 2 is just so sweet.



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