What This Dog Did During A Devastating Storm Is Simply Amazing


This news report is one of those feel good ones where you breathe a sigh of relief at the end. Daisy and Steve lived on a boat which was anchored out at sea, due to docking fees being a little too expensive. During a big storm, Steve left daisy on board whilst he went to shore and helped folks out who were having their possessions and property battered around by high winds and rain.

Steve returned to the shoreline and saw only the mast from his boat sticking up from the sea. He was obviously distraught, thinking that Daisy had gone down with the vessel. He didn’t account for Daisy’s fighting spirt and ingenuity though! This smart pup swam ONE AND A QUARTER MILES to shore in very stormy conditions, before finding her way to a local church her and Steve sometimes went to. Thanks to her microchip, Steve was identified as her owner and there was a very happy reunion!



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