Watch What Happens When This Dog Gets Adopted After NINE Years!


We all know there are thousands of dogs in rescue shelters across the globe. Some of those dogs stay in those shelters a lot longer than others. Some of them stay in those shelters a LOT longer than others. This video shows one of those dogs that hasn’t been chosen to go to their forever home – for NINE years.

After nine years of waiting this beautiful pooch has been told he is being adopted and is finally going home to a new family, and boy, he certainly understands what he has been told! The dog is just SO happy at the news he can’t stop racing around, barking his head off with joy. The rescue shelter staff laugh away at him as his delight shines from every pore. He dashes back and forth, ears flapping and tail wagging, safe in the knowledge that at last, it is his turn. Totally adorable!