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Vet Ranch Dr Wendy

Why Vet Ranch?

Dr Matt Carricker started Vet Ranch in 2014 in order to help animals whose owners either can’t or won’t pay for treatment. Many animals were being euthanized that didn’t need to be, so Dr. Matt decided to give as many animals as he could a second chance. Now, the organization has four veterinarians working for it and a huge online following due to the Vet Ranch videos.

Did you know that the cost of treating a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (a common dog injury) is $2000? Did you also know that over $29 billion is spent on vet fees and over the counter medication for animals each year? That’s a lot of money. Unfortunately, some people can’t afford it, or choose not to pay for treatment, even when their animal is in pain.


What does Vet Ranch do?

Vet Ranch Dr Wendy

Vet Ranch offers treatment and rehabilitation for injured, abused neglected and ill animals. They work closely with animal rescue centers, treating animals that would otherwise be euthanized before returning them to centers for adoption once they are recovered.

Via its hugely popular Vet Ranch YouTube channel, Vet Ranch raises awareness of animals in need and how they can be helped with a little time, money and care. Since its inception, Vet Ranch has grown to focus on helping homeless animals recover from injury or diseases that would either lead to euthanasia or prevent them from being adopted.

Vet Ranch has ‘We’re Gonna Fix ‘Em All’ as its mission. The team believe that every animal has a right to a healthy, happy life and through donating their time, expertise and care, they help as many dogs, cats and furry critters have a second chance at life.


How do I find out more about Vet Ranch?

You can see the work Vet Ranch does in some of their videos we have shared here on TheILoveDogsClub. Just click on the links to learn about some of their awesome work with animals in need.

Vet Ranch also has its own website and YouTube channel, which has nearly half a million subscribers. The Vet Ranch Facebook Page  and Twitter feed also shares rescue stories and provides updates on the organization and its work.


How can I help Vet Ranch make a difference?

Vet Ranch runs solely on donations. Weather it is $1 or $1000 every cent counts and goes directly towards helping animals in need. Donations go to animals that you will see on the Vet Ranch YouTube channel, so you can see EXACTLY how your money has helped. Please consider donating to this fantastic cause here.

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Vet Ranch Dr Wendy

Vet Ranch

Why Vet Ranch? Dr Matt Carricker started Vet Ranch in 2014 in order to help animals whose owners either can’t or won’t pay for treatment....

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