Update: Pia Mum’s Puppies, What They Look Like Now (Photos Below)


Remember this heartbreaking story of the Mum who was run over and then gave birth to a litter of puppies on the side of the road?

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Here is an update on the lovely Pia and her pups…

Hello dog lovers. Pia’s story really touched a nerve with so many of you and it has been very heartwarming to read all your lovely comments. Her story was extra special for us as we were the ones who found and rescued her (that’s actually me in the photos pulling out the pups from under the pier!) and it has been a real pleasure to share her story with you all. We visit Pia and her pups regularly and we wanted to post a few pics of what they look like now. Look how amazingly well they are doing!

Pia and her pups are being cared for Mike Duval of One World Sanctuary. He runs the sanctuary single handedly and looks after all 114 dogs and 30 cats on his own. He does an amazing job and he has been selflessly and tirelessly looking after dogs in need for the last six years. Sadly they are at risk of closing down! They have just recently been served with an eviction notice because the landowner wants to build private villas next door.

We have taken on the task of trying to save this wonderful sanctuary. We are trying to help raise funds so that they can survive in a bigger and better sanctuary. Please donate what you can and please share the fundraiser link below so that Pia, her pups, and all the other lovely doggies there can continue to live in safety and receive all the love and the best care possible that they deserve.

Fundraiser for the Sanctuary caring for Pia and her pups:

Pia’s Pups:

This is Biggs (the largest of the pups)












Please share and donate what you can so these beautiful puppies can continue to receive the best care possible