The Ultimate Guide To The Best Dog Collars

Ezydog Dog Collar

What does your dog and your smartphone have in common? They both have ‘collar’ ID!!!!  OK, Ok, that is a dreadful joke, but it leads us into this whopper of an article that gives you the low-down on everything dog collar related to help you find the best dog collar for your dog.

Here you will find information on what a dog collar is, why you need one, what a good one looks like and a full run down of the best dog collar on the market. There is sure to be a recommended collar on our list that meets the requirements of both you and your doggo.

We have provided links to all of the collars on Amazon, where you will be able to read other people’s reviews too, and not just take our word for the quality of the dog collars we recommend!

Product Sneak Preview

Don’t have time to read through the whole article and are in a rush to purchase a collar? Here is a quick list of our recommended collars. Feel free to follow the links and find out more about them, along with testimonials from other dog owners.

What Is A Dog Collar?

Pretty basic question, right? Well, sort of. Simply put, it is a piece of material placed around a dog’s neck to assist with training and identification and can sometimes be a fashion statement.

Note that we have used the definition as a ‘piece of material’ here; that could be fabric, leather, rope, hemp, nylon webbing or even oilcloth. For our purposes here, we do NOT consider prong collars, choke collars or electric shock collars as a responsible choice for your dog. These collars can do more harm than good to your dog, both physically and mentally. If you do choose to use this type of collar on your dog, consider testing it out on yourself for 24 hours before going ahead. We are pretty sure that you will change your mind.

Why Does My Dog Need A Collar?

There are two main reasons your dog needs a collar. Firstly, you may be breaking the law if you do not provide one for your dog. Both UK Law and US Law insist on a dog having a collar with identification attached when in a public place. This to not only ensure that your dog can be reunited with you if you accidentally lose each other, but also to be able to identify you as the owner should your dog behave badly.

Secondly, a collar is a very useful tool for training and controlling your dog. It is used for lead/leash training, can help you prevent your dog from getting into accidents through providing a handle for grabbing and can also be helpful in directing your dog to perform certain activities.

A further reason a collar can be useful is in providing safety or medical information. Brightly coloured collars with messages such as ‘I need space’ for fearful or aggressive dogs and identifying collars for therapy and guide dogs letting people know they are working are useful in keeping dogs, their owners and the public safe. Medical tags can be attached to collars to give information regarding any health conditions or allergies that could be useful to know in an emergency.

What Information Should Be On A Collar Tag?

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 in the UK states that ‘any dog in a public place should wear the name and address of the owner either inscribed on the collar or a name plate or disc attached to it’.  The US asks for the same.

Legally, you are obliged to include your name and address, but you may wish to add other information, such as whether your dog is micro chipped, any medical information or a telephone number.

Interestingly, it’s advisable not to put your dog’s name on the collar tag. Why? Because it makes your dog easier to steal. A well trained dog will always respond to their name being called. Don’t make it easy for thieves to attract your dog, and leave Fido’s name off the tag!

Choosing The Right Collar Size

With the plethora of different collar products on the market, it is easy to be sucked in by colourful designs and fancy colours. Whilst your dog’s collar can be used to make a fashion statement, it is important to remember that your dog will be wearing their collar most of the time and therefore needs to fit right. Imagine wearing a necklace that was too tight, or got caught on things all the time?

Collars usually come with one of three fastenings; buckle, break away or safety stretch collars. It is a matter of personal preference as to which one you choose, but it is probably safer to avoid buckle collars if your dog is one that likes hunting in undergrowth – he or she could get caught and not be able to remove the collar from their neck.

A collar’s width should also be taken into account. A Jack Russell with a heavy inch wide leather collar is probably going to end up with a bad neck trying to keep its head lifted! By the same token, a thin collar won’t do much to keep your Great Dane under control. Choose a width that ‘looks right’ on your dog’s neck, and isn’t too heavy.

Finally, the length of the collar is important too. You don’t want a collar that is so long it wraps twice around your dog’s neck. You also don’t want a collar that is too short and ends up strangling your dog as you try and squeeze him or her into the final buckle hole. You should be able to place two fingers flat between your dog’s neck and collar. This ensures the collar is tight enough for your dog not to always wriggle out of it, but not so tight as to restrict their movement or breathing.

Best Dog Collar

Now you know what to look for in a collar, and why your dog needs one, it’s time to start shopping! We have pulled together the best of the best of collars available. Not all of them will be suitable for your particular breed, size and age of dog, but you can guarantee that the collars included in this list are good quality, value for money and do the job they are meant to do. We have included links to each collar on Amazon, where you will be able to read the reviews of other buyers.


Ruffwear Dog Collar

The Ruffwear brand is known for its durability and longevity. This rope collar comes in three different colours and has the additional benefit of a reflective trim, making your dog easier to see in low light.  Made from Ruffwear designed TubeLok webbing, the Ruffwear Top Rope Collar has a single V ring that provides a secure lead clip.

The collar is cleverly designed so that the V-ring always stays at the top of the collar, making it very easy to attach your dog to his or her lead. It also has a very smart silicone tag silencer, meaning you don’t have to put up with jangling tags on every walk!

Need more options? Browse more Ruffwear products here.

Price: $19.95 and up

Buy the Ruffwear Dog Collar Here


Lupine Dog Collar

Lupine Dog Collar

Lupine dog collars are the bee’s knees. They come with a guarantee as to their durability and come in a range of vivid colours. This 1” collar is great for medium and large sized dogs, with it’s strong stitching, tough woven nylon and sturdy welded d-ring, your dog won’t be racing off without you with this on!

The collar has a complementary padded lead for purchase and is machine washable. How about that for making life easy?

Need more options? Browse more Lupine products here.

Price: $9.73 and up

Buy the Lupine Dog Collar here.


EzyDog Neo Collar

Ezydog Dog Collar

The Ezydog Neo Collar gets top marks from us, and many other dog owners, thanks to it ticking most of the boxes you would want from a collar.  The non-porous collar is waterproof, dries quickly and is washable. It uses Velcro to make sizing adjustments easy, and has a reflective trim sewn in to help with visibility in low light. A quick release buckle makes it easy to get on and off and a rust proof D-clip makes attaching ID and medical tags a total breeze.

This collar is great for all shapes and sizes of dog – their XL size will even fit dogs with a neck measurement of 24 inches

Need more options? Browse more EzyDog products here.

Price: $16 and up

Buy the Ezydog Neo Collar Here

Blueberry Dog Collar

Blueberry Dog Collar

With over 300 5-star rating reviews on Amazon, and priced at only $9.99, the Blueberry Dog Collar offers great quality and satisfaction at a fantastic price. Coming in different lengths and widths, they will fit almost any dog breed, including toy dogs. The collar is extremely durable, being made from high density nylon webbing and comes in a range of fun, bright colours.

The Blueberry Dog Collar has an easy release fastening and a D-clip for attaching tags and is a fantastic product for the price!

Need more options? Browse more Blueberry Pet products here.

Price: $9.99 and up

Buy the Blueberry Dog Collar Here


Leather Dog Collars

Leather dog collars are the ultimate in luxury. Soft, padded leather collars add a touch of style and offer a high level of comfort for your dog. They can be pretty pricey though, so we have taken a look at what is available and pulled out some fantastic products that are worth the price tag.

Luxury Real Leather Padded By Soft Touch Collars

Soft Touch Collars

How’s THIS for fancy?   This luxury leather collar comes in a range of sizes and colour ways and is made of tough, durable leather; sturdy stuff.  It has a solid brass D-ring for attaching a lead and another small ring next to the buckle for tags. The leather is hand stitched and hand made and softly padded to prevent irritation or scratching. It’s a super strong, stylish collar that will make your dog the catwalk king or queen!

Need more options? Browse more Soft Touch Collars products here.

Price: $27.95 and up

Buy the Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar Here


Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar


Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar

The Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar are one of a kind. Amish made in the USA, they are top quality, and have process that reflect this. There is a whole range of different colour trims to choose from, making it easy to ramp up the style stakes for your dog. This collar really does have a luxury feel, with padding made from lambskin, feeling soft and gentle against your pup’s skin.

Black collars come with stainless steel hardware, whilst the brown tone has brass hardware creating classic styles that will be the envy of all the other pooches in the neighbourhood!

Need more options? Browse more Perri’s products here.

Price: $19.95 and up

Buy the Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar Here


Coastal Pet Leather Round Collar


Coastal Pet Leather Collar

Remember how we said leather collars could be expensive? Well, the Coastal Pet Leather Round Collar is the exception that proves the rule.  This collar is made from natural leather with a full grain, giving it a lovely ‘vintage’ look. The leather is rolled to make a comfortable collar for your dog and as such, is quite thin in width and would therefore suit smaller pups! Extremely strong and durable, this product comes with a range of highly rated customer comments on Amazon!

Need more options? Browse more Coastal Pet products here.

Price: $10.86 and up

Buy the Coastal Pet Leather Round Dog Collar Here


Stylish Dog Collars

Nobody wants their dog to be the equivalent of the kid that forgets their gym kit and has to do P.E in their vest and pants, do they? If you want your dog to be top of the class when it comes to fashion, then these ever so stylish dog collars will be right up your catwalk – or should that be dogwalk?

Dutch Dog Amsterdam Van Gogh Dog Collar

Dutch Dog Amsterdam Van Gogh Dog Collar

Hey, there are few things more beautiful to look at than the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. Mix his talent with a cute dog and BOOM – gorgeousness ahoy!  It’s non toxic, made from pet friendly recycled PWT webbing and is strong and durable.

This collar is an inch thick and suits dogs with a 20 – 25-inch circumference. Your pooch will be the most stylish doggy around with this beautifully designed collar, that also comes with a quick release buckle, D ring for attaching tags and the Starry Night motif letting people know that they are one classy, cultured hound!

Need more options? Browse more Dutch Dog Amsterdam products here.

Price: $11.95 and up

Buy the Dutch Dog Amsterdam Dog Collar Here


Polka Dot Dog Collar by Yellow Dog Design

Polka Dot Dog Collars

How much fun are these collars? Coming in a variety of funky sounding colours (Gumballs, Neapolitan and Lime, anybody?) and in lengths ranging from 10 inches to a whopping 28 inches, you are sure to find a collar from this range to suit your furry friend. These collars are rated extremely highly by previous purchasers from Amazon and we can see why. Made from 100% polyester, the collar is machine washable and water resistant and has been designed for active dogs in mind.

Made in the USA, the collar has a patent pending ID tag holder system built in, making it easy to move your dog’s ID tags – no more broken fingernails! The collars even have complementary items, such as leads, harnesses, couplers and key chains so that you can be just as stylish as your dog.

The best thing about the Polka Dot Collar? It comes with a 100% guarantee from the designers, so you know that you are in safe hands in terms of quality and durability. A great buy.

Need more options? Browse more Yellow Dog Design products here.

Price: $13.95 and up

Buy the Polka Dot Dog Collar Here


Blueberry Pet Paisley Flower Print Dog Collar


Blueberry Paisley Flower Print Dog Collar

Oooohhhh prreeetttttyyy! The Paisley Flower Dog Collar by Blueberry is just the most beautiful print we have ever seen on a dog collar. Coming in small, medium and large sizes and a variety of jewel coloured tones, this collar is a style statement bar none.

So much thought has gone into not only the design, but the practicality of the collar. It is made of high density polyester with a neoprene bottom layer, meaning it won’t irritate your dog’s skin. Buckles and loops are made of plastic and a brass D-ring is attached for joining with a lead. There is also a handy plastic loop for attaching ID tags.

Need more options? Browse more Blueberry Pet products here.

Price: $15.99 and up

Buy the Blueberry Pet Paisley Flower Dog Collar Here

Best Collars for Puppies

Finding a collar for a puppy is slightly more difficult than finding one for an adult dog. As a puppy’s bones and joints are still developing and growing, it’s important to buy a collar that won’t restrict this in anyway, whilst still being durable enough to prevent a rambunctious puppy from slipping his collar and chasing after furry things!

We have found two collars that we think represent a great buy if you need to purchase a collar for your puppy. Take a look!

Sassy Dog Wear Adjustable Dog Collar

Sassy Dog Wear Adjustable Dog Collar

This collar is just the cutest! The smallest size fits puppies with a neck circumference of six inches and is only ½” wide and 8 oz in weight making it an ideal collar for those tinier dogs!  It comes in a range of brightly coloured patterns and has an easy open buckle and D-ring for attaching a lead and tags.  Made from strong nylon, it is a durable choice that will withstand the pulling of puppies who haven’t quite mastered their obedience commands yet!

Need more options? Browse more Sassy Dog Wear products here.

Price: $8 and up

Buy the Sassy Dog Wear Collar Here


Stunt Puppy Dry Dog Collar

Stunt Puppy Dry Dog Collar

Is your puppy always managing to get into mischief? (Of course it is – that’s what puppies do!)  If so, the Stunt Puppy Dry Dog Collar is for you. Made of water and odour proof BioThane, a virtually indestructible material, it is ideal for wet, soggy, muddy, covered in weird stuff you don’t want to know about puppies.

It is perfect for working dogs that remains lightweight and flexible in water and has two separate D-rings for attaching a lead or tag, to keep annoying jingling to a minimum. A great buy for an active dog!

Need more options? Browse more Stunt Puppy products here.

Price: $24 and up

Buy the Stunt Puppy Dry Dog Collar Here


Best Collars For Small Dogs

Small dogs present their own problems when it comes to purchasing a collar. Jack Russells are bred for darting down holes to catch rats, and as a result they have a sleek head and neck. Unfortunately, this means that they can often wriggle out of collars!

Other small dogs can be fluffy on the outside, but fairly slim under all the fur, meaning it’s important to make sure you purchase a collar that not only stays on, but also doesn’t get caught up in all their fluff!

Take a look at our suggestions for the best collars for small dogs – they really are the best in their class.

Pawtitas Dog Collar

Pawtitas Dog Collar

The Pawtitas Dog Collar comes in an extra small size, making it perfect for puppies and dogs that have a neck measurement of between approximately 5.9 to 9.9 inches. The comfort of your dog is an important part of the design, with the D-ring attachment for a lead being right next to the buckle, to avoid putting undue pressure on your tiny dog’s neck.

Add to that the neat designs and thin collar width and you have yourself an awesome collar for your little dog!

Need more options? Browse more Pawtitas products here.

Price: $9.99 and up

Buy the Pawtitas Dog Collar Here


Rogz Utility Dog Collar
Rogz Utility Dog Collar

If you want the very best for your small dog, then the Rogz Utility Collar comes pretty close to perfect, as evidenced by over 300 customer reviews on Amazon rating it 4 stars and above. Durable and sturdy yet still maintaining a touch of style, this is the James Bond of dog collars.  Made from high quality webbing with reflective threads stitched through, the collar gives visibility and night and longevity – perfect for smaller dogs that get up to no good and are less likely to be seen trotting along pavements at night!

The plastic components are ergonomically designed with your small dog’s comfort in mind. A rust free D-ring is also part of the package as is box stitched joins to ensure extra strength. The 5/8” collar adjusts for neck sizes between 10 and 16 inches, making it great for smaller breeds. Even if your small dog is strong as an ox, the collar has been strength tested to 271lbs from a direct pull. Your dog ain’t going’ anywhere without this baby still attached!

Need more options? Browse more Rogz products here.

Price: $11.02 and up

Buy the Rogz Utility Collar Here



Best High Visibility Dog Collars

Alas, life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops, and for half of the year, ‘winter is coming’. Late night walkies in the summer months and afternoon bimbles in winter can be dangerous for your pooch if they can’t be seen by motorists, cyclists and even pedestrians. It is important, therefore, to make your dog as visible as he or she can be.

Nope, we don’t expect you to fit them out in neon Lycra, or colour their legs in with highlighter pens. There is a much easier way to light up your furry friend in poor lighting; namely this awesome high visibility dog collar listed below!


GoDoggie-GLOW Dog Collar

Ooooohhhhh bright lights! Bright lights! This FANTASTIC collar comes in sizes extra small to extra large (encompassing neck sizes between 9.8 inches and 23.6 inches). With over a 1000 positive reviews on Amazon, it seems that other dog owners agree with us in saying this is the BEST high visibility dog collar money can buy.

The GoDoggie-GLOW Dog Collar provides optimal visibility thanks to its ultra bright LEDs. The LEDs are run using a USB rechargeable battery that offers excellent performance, meaning your dog shines bright like a diamond in the sky for longer. You can recharge the collar using the included USB cable by phone charger, tablet, PC or smart TV meaning you shouldn’t get caught out by the battery running out. It also saves you money and is eco-friendlier than standard battery powered high visibility collars.

The collar itself is comfortable, easy to adjust and is made of 100% nylon webbing, making it ultra durable. The lights themselves are super smart too, with a one-click operating method allowing you to choose between the lights being always on, flashing quickly or flashing slowly. It’s weatherproof, water-repellant, lightweight and has rust proof components, has a two year 100% money back guarantee and is the #1 ranked LED dog safety collar on Amazon. Pretty good, huh?

Need more options? Browse more GoDoggie-GLOW products here.

Price: $12.99 and up

Buy the GoDoggie-GLOW Dog Collar Here


We hope our rundown of fabulous collars has been helpful in choosing the right collar for your dog. There is more to think about when purchasing a collar than you may first thing. Considering your dog’s size, breed, temperament and lifestyle is important when deciding upon a collar to ensure that you and your dog are safe, comfortable and don’t end up out of pocket in replacing collars that just aren’t up to the job.

We have included links to all of the recommended collars so that you can read other dog owner’s testimonials and reviews and gain more knowledge about product specifics before making up your mind, as well as links to similar products to give you even more choice.