Two Clever Dogs Perform The Dog Bang Trick In Perfect Synchronicity

Dog Bang Trick

Wanna see two fabulously trained Border Collies do an amazing trick? Then we implore you to watch this video! These two surely win an award for the cleverest double act ever!

Both beautiful dogs are told to stand up and then their owner does the old “DOG BANG” trick, pretending to shoot a gun at them. In prefect synchronisation, both dogs fall to the ground, roll over and play dead. It’s amazing to watch and so funny seeing the black and white dog gently push his friend away with his feet and the gold and white pup eyeing his owner wondering when the next command is coming.

When it does, with a shout of “Yes!” both dogs immediately flip back up into a down position to get their well-deserved treats. These guys are surely the next winners of America’s Got Talent – so cute, so clever and so brilliant to watch.

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