Training Dogs To Provide Comfort And Support To Veteran Soldiers


This powerful advert shows the impact a dog can have. The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNFG) has created an advertisement for their services that really makes you sit up and take notice. We open on seeing a soldier on the battlefield. He is evidently injured and can hear and see the sounds and sights of war going on around him. It cuts firstly to a discarded doll and then to a silent, still child lying in the rubble.

The soldier is then seen being comforted by a colleague before we watch as the colleague merges into a sight dog, waking him from his horrific nightmares about his experiences. As the advert says, the KNFG not only help those who can’t see, but also those have seen too much.

It really brings home the horror of post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as how our canine friends can provide therapy in the most unexpected of places.

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