Tiny Puppies Practising Their First Steps


Are you ready to spend the next 30 seconds of your life stamping your feet in delight, saying aww and trying to hug a 2D image on your phone or computer?

If so, watch these totally cute puppies taking the first steps towards …steps! A mixture of titchy little bulldogs, pugs, basset hounds and others spill down stairs (literally, one of the puppies looks like a slinky toy slowly flopping down some steps), flap their oversized paws about, slide around on tiles and generally get in a bit of a muddle trying to walk.

Of course, as we all know, dogs are SMART so we also get to see them once they have mastered the art of walking too. Watch to the end to see a couple of adorable little runs too! We guarantee you’ll be grinning by the end of this one…

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