Time Lapse Pregnancy Will Make You Smile – Guaranteed!


This will bring tears to your eyes. Not bad ones, just little drops of love and happiness escaping from your head. This father to be had the GREAT idea of recording his wife’s journey from pregnancy through to birth, filming her every day across the 9 months of waiting.

Watch as her bump grows little by little every day, with the family dogs looking on. Share in their ‘Baby Moon’ as they take a break away together before life changes forever. Laugh at the joy in their faces when they discover they are having a little boy.

The film shows a spare room turning into a beautifully decorated nursery, filled with toys for their impending new addition and then… OH OH! Surprised faces and a dash out with an overnight bag lets us know that things are happening. The two dogs wait patiently for their Mom and Dad and new sibling to come home and then gaze adoringly at him, just like Mom does.

A really, really lovely video.