Three Week Old Puppy With Broken Jaw Saved By Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch to the rescue again! This not for profit organisation relies on donations to help dogs just like this little three week old Pit-bull pup, Mae. The puppy unfortunately got in the way of its food guarding mother and sadly was bitten and got a broken jaw for her efforts.

Now her jaw is broken, she is unable to attach to her Mom to nurse, presenting a problem for the Drs at Vet Ranch in making sure she gets the nutrition to grow following surgery on her jaw. They decide to tube feed her for four weeks to make sure she gets what she needs.

However, this little pup is a brave one and a week after surgery she is back to eating normally! Mae’s jaw heals successfully and she gets stuck back in to being a feisty, fun puppy, getting under everyone’s feet as she plays! What a great story!

If you would like to help dogs like Mae, please feel free to donate to Vet Ranch at

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