This “Talking” American Pit Bull Is Super Cute And Super Smart!


Dr Doolittle claimed he could talk to the animals but that was just fiction. Here we have the real deal! Czr (yeah, that’s his name, we didn’t spell it wrong) the American Pitbull is one smart cookie, as is his Mom. He has been taught to answer questions with either a nod or shake of his head and it appears to make dog ownership SOOOOO much easier.

Czr doesn’t seem to be very hungry at dinnertime so Mom asks him what’s up and if he wants a cookie. NEGATIVE! What Czr really fancies is a yoghurt appetiser, so he nods his head with gusto when Mom suggests this tasty snack. Czr continues to answer Mom’s questions about if he is still hungry, wants more yoghurt or a cookie and all of her suggestions are met with a shake of the head…until she asks that key question that EVERY dog owner wishes their dog could answer when they wake them up in the middle of the night whining…can you guess what it is?

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