This Puppy Really Wants To Play With His Toy But Is Just Too Lazy To Do It!


How many times have you been sat on the sofa and watched rubbish on the TV because the remote control is juuusssttt out of reach? Well, we have the doggy equivalent here, where we find a super cute fluffy puppy caught between a rock and a hard place (or, two tug toys).

The poor little mite is only little and his teeny tiny legs can’t quite launch him far enough to get his gnashers onto one of his toys, no matter how hard he wriggles. His arms and feet go like the clappers trying to push off on the air to get him closer, whilst his tongue lolls about, reaching to get a taste of that rope!

Of course, it would be MUCH easier for him to just stand up and walk over to get his toy but that seems to be more effort than this Shiba Inu puppy can bear. Meanwhile, we get a good giggle watching the little fella turn a pretty easy molehill into one big mountain!

Watch to the end to see if he finally gets his prize!

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