This Litter Of Puppies Trying To Get Some Sleep Is Just Too Cute


Have you ever sat down to look up something on the internet and become so mesmerised by a cute doggy video that you watch it 10 times over? This couple of minutes of cuteness had us totally hooked, watching Zeta the Border Collie and her super sweet litter of 8 three week old Border Collie puppies get ready for nap time.

The wobbly puppies, bumbling about trying to find their nap spot is so adorable but the video ups the ante when Magic appears. This little ball of black and white cuteness is hysterical as she decides it ISN’T nap time, at least not for her brothers and sisters.

She clambers over all of them, stomps over Penny her sister, bops her brother Duff on the shoulder and generally makes a nuisance of herself (including fighting with furniture) until they are all awake.

What she does next is absolutely hilarious – the cheeky little imp!


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