This Jack Russell Looking After Kittens In A Shelter Just Made Us Melt Inside.


This video is like being wrapped up in a big snuggly duvet and having a hug, it is so adorably sweet. This lovely Jack Russell in an animal rescue shelter is helping the staff out by fostering some abandoned kittens. The kittens are absolutely tiny and would no doubt be struggling without her companionship and love.

The very maternal dog decides she wants all of her kittens close so decides to collect them all in to her crate for cuddles one by one, picking them up gently by the scuff of their necks. Even when one of the kittens is being fed, she is insistent on trying to get it back ‘home’, bypassing etiquette and picking the little fluffy feline up by the butt!

She lies down, grooming and licking her kittens and when one tries to make a break for it out of the crate, she promptly jumps up and brings her back to ‘Mom’s’ bed! This doggy sure does love her kittens!


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