This Enormous English Mastiff Was Terrified of Swimming. Until Dad Does THIS!


Sampson the English Mastiff REALLY doesn’t like the pool! The gentle giant won’t get in the water by himself so holds on to his dad for support in the water, clinging furiously and looking a bit perturbed by all the water! Dad tries to give the command to swim but NOPE! Sampson is having none of it and wraps his paws tightly around Dad’s neck – there is no way he is letting go!

With a lot of encouragement from Mom, Sampson finally decides he will have a little doggy paddle. He looks so cute as he bimbles along, drinking the pool water as he goes! His paws pull him through the water and you can really see the strength in this big dog. When he reaches the other side of the pool, we get a big wet shake from Sampson, his ears flapping hilariously.

Well done Sampson, you brave boy!