This English Bulldog Receives A Birthday Present. Her Reaction? Adorable!


Princess the English Bulldog is one lucky girl! It’s her birthday, and Mummy has bought Princess her very own fairy castle, complete with crocodile guards (the stuffed, inanimate kind) and a view over London.

Princess is ecstatic with her gift, jumping around with delight on the couch and racing into her new palace to take a look around. At one point, she decides she can do without the crocodile guards and tries to drag them inside, but fails miserably. When Mummy asks her if she likes her new gift, Princess does the adorable doggy “paw splat” manoeuvre. You know the one, when excitement becomes too much and a dog has to splay their legs to steady themselves!

Princess is super adorable in her excitement for her birthday present. Apparently, she enjoys taking long naps in it on a daily basis – perhaps she should be renamed as Sleeping beauty. One day her prince will come to wake her with a slobbery kiss.

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