This Dog’s Tireless Attempt To Be Friends With A Cat Will Make You Smile All Day


It’s always tricky being the ‘new guy’, as Solomon the dog discovers when he comes home to his new forever house to find Watson the cat already has a few rules and regulations he wants followed, including;

1: Don’t interrupt me when I am eating my dinner, you giant fluff ball;

2: Don’t creep up on innocent cats minding their own business on the arm of the sofa;

3: Don’t give away my hiding spots when I am trying to be a stealthy cat;

4: When I am meditating and tail flicking, don’t distract me, doofus;

5: My step on the stairs is MY step. Find your own step;

6: Basically, stay out of my way or I will bop you on the nose. Repeatedly.

These two are complete sweeties and watching Solomon trying to make friends with a very disinterested Watson is both cute and heart breaking at the same time! As Solomon grows, so does his confidence and this fella never gives up trying to make Watson love him.

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