This Bulldog Is So Cute Jumping Into His Owners Arms

Bulldog jumping

We think this Bulldog puppy has illusions of being some sort of superhero, the way he speeds through the air like a speeding… lump of dog. This owner and his puppy are hilarious playing together, with the puppy jumping off of the bed into his owners arms before being lobbed back onto it again!

His owner makes growling noises and you can tell the Bulldog is convinced he can slay the monster, simply by ‘boinging’ from the bed with all his might. One growl looks like it scares him a little so he takes a slight time out and pauses before pulling up his big boy socks and deciding he can take the menace on with a run up, pause and pounce combo.

The ending, where the puppy ‘tricks’ his owner is just hysterical – make sure you stay tuned to the very end!


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