This Adorable Little Dog Cracks Us Up Learning About Escalators!


It’s a busy day in a shopping centre in Hong Kong. You’re wandering round the shops, minding your own business when out of the corner of your eye you see this hysterical fella! Jolly the Jack Russell/Papillion cross can’t quite work out how an escalator works.

We think he reckons that if he is moving, then somehow, he needs to keep moving too, resulting in this hilarious little video of him ‘walking in the air’ whilst his owner laughs his socks off behind him.

Jolly’s slightly bemused face, along with the way in which his paws look like he is conducting the band playing music in the background is just so adorable. We know a lot of dogs do this after they have been taken out of water when they think they have been swimming, but never down an escalator! Apparently, Jolly is now lazing around in sunny Florida – all that unnecessary walking wore him out and led to him taking early retirement!



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