This Adorable Dog Loves His Cheese Too Much


Norbert the dog is a crossbreed of Chihuahua, Cairn terrier and Lhasa Apso. This has resulted in him looking a little like an Ewok which really ups the cute ante in this video.

Norbert loves cheese. No, wait… HE LOVES CHEESE!

Watch him have the best day ever as his owner feeds him little cubes of cheese. Gasp in wonder at the adorableness of his little tongue flapping all over the place as he chews! Be amazed at the speed in which something so small can chow down on a treat! Gaze at his cute face as he waits for the next morsel, seeing the hope in his gorgeous eyes!

Seriously, Norbert will melt your heart. He has got to be one of the cutest dogs on the internet and his cheese eating grin needs to be shared across the planet. Let’s get this viral so Norbert can get more cheese!