These Dogs Chasing A Remote Controlled Car In The Park Are Having The Most Fun Ever


There are few things in life more enjoyable than watching a bunch of dogs just be dogs. You know the kind of thing, wagging tails, flapping ears, barking and joyful galloping around.

These dogs at the dog park are certainly having lots of fun when someone shows up with a remote controlled Monster Truck and plays ‘catch’ with them! A pack of hounds and huskies do what comes naturally and bound after the monster truck at full speed ahead.

The monster truck goes up and down the dog park and the dogs do too, doing comedy skids like in the cartoons when they need to change direction. One of the huskies is so fast he almost catches up with the machine that is going at 30 mph! The dogs are just totally cool with playing with a new toy, even if they never do quite catch it…



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