These Dogs Are So Happy Its Impossible Not To Smile At Them


These dogs have finally finished their leash training and are being treated to a fun day out to celebrate with their trainer (and Didja the rescue cat, who seems to think she is a dog!)

Set to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’, this motley crew have a fab excursion to the beach and park, and we get to see, via the medium of go-pro, all the close ups of their happy faces as the play on the sand, dig for bones, swim in the sea, go surfing, play with their ball, fetch sticks and line up for a photo-shoot.

It really is a joyous video and the random shots of Didja the cat joining in are particularly chucklesome! After their tough day of playing, we get to see the dogs chill out in a sprinkler shower before heading home. The whole thing will just make you happy!


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