These Doggy Apologies Are Really Sweet


Dogs, huh? We all love them to bits! However for all those times they are mischievous, naughty or just a right old pain in the rear end, wouldn’t it be great if they just said sorry once in a while?

Watch a variety of dogs actually ‘fess up to their shenanigans and apologise for the error of their ways. We have the heartfelt ‘sorry for barking at 2am but I thought we were going to be attacked by squirrels’ apology, then the ‘sorry I knocked you over by jumping but I just want a hug’ apology, followed by a sincere ‘sorry I ate your shoes but you did leave me at home alone’ apology.

Hang on… it seems that every time a dog is naughty, it somehow manages to blame a human! Even when they pee on carpets and eat bees….

In fairness, there is ONE straightforward apology from a little Pug at the end of the video. You’ll giggle yourself senseless when you see what for.

What would your dog say sorry for?


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