These Cute Little Cat And Dog Friends Are Just Too Sweet.


Don’t you just hate it when your best friend is busy, or goes on holiday and you don’t get to see them for a while? Well, this cat and dog duo are exactly the same! Jasper the Cat REALLY missed Bow-Z the dog and showed it the only way he knows how – hugs!

Jasper greets Bow-Z with a good grooming, a few little kisses and lots of licks, just to check everything is ok now they have been reunited. Bow-Z loves the attention; just watch his wagging tail! Jasper then gets a tiny bit needy and is so funny as he puts his arms around Bow-Z’s neck and hangs on for a huge cuddle, meowing his approval of being back together throughout. Bow-Z starts to look a tad embarrassed and tries to back away a little, but Jasper is having none of it.

What a couple of cutie best friends!



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