The Way This Pitbull Reacts When Owner Sings Her A Song? Adorable!


Doogie the Pitbull is a gloriously cuddly, soppy dog and this video will bring tears to your eyes!

Doogie hugs her master as he serenades her with a beautiful song written just for her accompanied by his acoustic guitar. The fun starts when we get to the chorus which involves asking Doogie if she wants to eat cookies, go outside, or go pee. Doogie suddenly sits up, ears pricked and starts licking her owners face, showing exactly how much she’d like to do those things! She even manages to slide the ole tongue into Daddy’s mouth when he is least expecting it, creating a rather pleasing libretto sound to the song!

In the end, Doogie’s enthusiasm for cookie eating, going outside and peeing becomes a bit overwhelming for dad, as she bundles him to the floor in a shower of licks, kisses and waggy tails. Too cute!

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