The Sweetest Sleeping French Bulldog EVER

French Bulldog Tongue

We all do weird things when we sleep. Grunt, snort, dribble, yell “fleedlesnurghopper!” at the top of our lungs (or maybe that’s just us), but this French Bulldog puppy really takes the biscuit.

In a video she will hope her Mom never shows prospective boyfriends when she reaches her teens, we see this cutesome butterball called Coco nap away with her big pink tongue hanging out – hardly attractive. Her tongue then seems to get slightly possessed, moving up and down as if giving directions to a very disoriented tourist before doing its own exercise regime. Go on Coco – stretch and flex that tongue!

Accompany the tongue yoga with some very heavy breathing bordering on snores and you have a handful of adorableness dozing away in front of you. What strange things do your dogs do when they are asleep? Let us know!

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