The Quietest Animal Shelter In America – Silence Is Golden

Ohio Animal Shelter

The Ohio Animal Shelter is usually filled with the sounds of barking, yipping, meowing and purring, but on 7th November this year, all that stopped.

It’s not what you think. No great calamity occurred, in fact, quite the opposite. On this great day, all of the animals in the shelter in Akron, Ohio, were adopted. Yes! ALL OF THEM!

The Summit County Animal Control team held an event, titled ‘Clear The Shelter’, and boy, did it work. Adoption fees were reduced and there was a long line of potential adopters snaking out of the door. The event started at 6am and by 3pm there were no animals left to adopt. Over 100 animals found their new forever homes!

Check out the video below to see just how wonderful silence can sound.

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Saturday 11/7/15 3pm

NO BARKING!! 11/7/15 3pm

Posted by Friends of Summit County Animal Control on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How amazing are the shelter staff and the wonderful people that adopted these animals in need? They all deserve a huge round of applause and a pat on the back for making such an impact on these animals’ lives.

An unbelievably happy story that needs to be shared with everyone! You can read more about the Adoptathon at which has details about the animals and the day itself.