The MOST Fun Play You Can Have With A Shiba Inu Puppy

Puppy Name

This Shiba Inu puppy sure gets up to lots of mischief. Ichi just loves playtime and exploring, running around and poking her nose into everything. She snuffles around on the floor and under beds and totally knows how to play ‘catch your Mummy’s hand when she scratches it on the carpet’!

She is so funny as she runs off to play again only to stop in her tracks when Mum starts scratching once more, at which she does an about turn and bounds up for some interactive play. She has such fun chewing on Mum’s hand and running around the room and you can hear her panting with excitement!

Her little pink tongue hanging out is very sweet too, it just makes you want to pick her up and squeeze. This little puppy is definitely cute enough to be the next ‘doge dog’ – she is a meme in the making!



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