The Most Amazing Relationship Between Owner And Paraplegic Dog Will Have You In Tears

Paraplegic dog

Loois the pit-bull loves tummy scratches and snacks just like every other dog. However, Loois isn’t just like every dog.

This amazing chap had surgery back in 2004 on his spinal cord which left him paralysed.

Loois doesn’t let his injury phase him though, still going on a quarter mile walk every morning with his owner Craig, using a special harness to help lift his back legs up. Craig says he acts as Loois’ rear legs and to watch them run about is a joy. Loois is into everything, sniffing away and curious about every sound and sight.

The lovely dog also loves to have play time too, and Craig has engineered a truly innovative way to help Loois exercise his muscles and have some fun with a tennis ball.

Seeing the love between man and dog at the end of this video is truly emotional and will have you tearing up!



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