The Most Adorable Sound You’ll Hear Today Just Showed Up – Shiba Inu Hiccups.


Prepare yourselves for one of those ‘cuteness overload’ things the internet raves about. These three Shiba Inu puppies should have some sort of adorable warning attached to them because this video just makes you want to squeeze them all until they pop.

Misty and Roxy have had a fun day playing and are settling down for a well-deserved nap in the peace and quiet; the only noise is birdsong in the trees. However, they hadn’t counted on their sister Cinnamon showing up and making a racket.

How? With the sweetest little puppy hiccups you ever heard. Sounding more like a chirruping chick than a dog, she hiccups repeatedly whilst clambering over her sisters, either looking for attention or hoping one of them will give her a fright to cure her affliction.

Poor Roxy and Misty give up on their nap in the end, looking like very sleepy doggies as they dolefully wake up. It is an absolute delight to watch!



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