The Most Adorable Dachshund Puppies playing!


Take one recording of the Nutcracker Suite, add a big field of grass and sprinkle a few tiny Dachshund puppies on the top and what do you get? Just the cutest little playtime you ever did see!

A batch of new puppies can’t wait to get out onto the green grass to run around and pelt down the patio in the garden before leaping into the dewy green goodness. You are treated to a real close up of their giant noses that seem too big for their face and they look just hysterical with their massive paws flapping about like they are in training for Riverdance. Seriously, tap dancing puppies are funny!

As they bound through the fields the wind makes their droopy ears flutter in the breeze whilst they hop, skip and jump about having a thoroughly good time. They even take time out to chomp on some dandelions whilst they are at it before restarting their quest to seemingly catch the camera filming them! We also recommend you check out the slow motion version of this video which is just as amusing!


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