The Man And The Dog Emotional Video Goes Viral And Reveals Why Dogs Really Are A Man’s Best Friend

Man And A Dog

You will need tissues for this one.

This is a very powerful, emotive and simply wonderful advert for something truly great.

We see a beautiful dog waking his elderly owner up and accompanying him to the café and pharmacy on a sunny day, waiting patiently whilst the old man drinks coffee with his friends and picks up his prescription. It’s obvious the dog is besotted with his elderly friend and his tail wags furiously when he is around him.

We then see the man fall ill and get rushed to hospital in an ambulance. His faithful friend isn’t allowed in to the hospital so again waits patiently outside, through the night and in the pouring rain as he waits for his dad to return.

The ending to this film will have you weeping for a variety of reasons. Stick with it though and see the beautiful ending.