The Cutest Howling Puppy On The Planet

Howling Puppy

You know what you get when you let your dog watch videos online?

A copycat (or should that be copydog!)

Ellie the beautiful puppy isn’t quite sure what to make of the YouTube audio on her owner’s laptop, which is playing the sound of howling wolves.

She takes a quick sniff of the USB stick to establish whether she is safe, then runs away to her bed and hides for a while before popping up to investigate further. You can actively see learning taking place, which is what is so remarkable about this video. Ellie cocks her head as she listens to the howling, working out how loud it is, what tone it has and just the right pitch before launching into her own version of the wolf howl.

Granted, coming from such a tiny pair of lungs, it isn’t quite as impressive as old wolfie’s, but Ellie sure gets an ‘A’ for effort, throwing her head back and giving her yowl her all! What a sweetheart.