The Cutest Doggy Alarm Clock You Ever Did See

Puppy Alarm Clock

Always late for work? Are you finding that your regular alarm clock/cockerel/bucket of water over the head in the morning isn’t working at waking you up on time?

Then you need to try our all new and exclusive PUPPY DOG BREATH WAKER UPPER! Yes, this awesome new product is not available at stores (although you may find one at a local rescue shelter). The new PUPPY DOG BREATH WAKER UPPER works on a patented system of perfectly times licks, snuffles and dribbling to make you wake up with a spring in your step. The doggy spit even helps moisturise your face, saving you valuable seconds in the bathroom.

The PUPPY DOG BREATH WAKER UPPER comes in a variety of styles, but we show you our adorable French Bulldog design here, one of our smallest but most effective models. Don’t delay, call a rescue shelter or reputable puppy breeder today!