The Coalition To Unchain Dogs Does Amazing Work For These Pooches

Coalition To Unchain Dogs

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs does fantastic work in raising awareness and influencing behaviour in the area of chaining dogs up full time outside. They provide free spaying and neutering, as well as vaccinations and fences, in order to drive better connections between dogs and their owners. Mama and Oreo are two dogs that spend their lives outside, even in the cold and snow of North America.

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs changed Mama and Oreo’s lives by stepping in and building fenced off enclosures with dog houses in the yard of their owner. The look on the dogs faces as they realise they can run around freely within their own space is an absolutely joy to see. They have a warm house to shelter inside and lots of space to play in. What wonderful work this organization does. If you would like to help with their efforts, please donate on their website. Thank you for watching.