Tex The Border Collie Wins Masters Agility Championships 2015 – WOW



Watching a dog do what it does best is always fun. Seeing both mental and physical agility come together to produce something awe inspiring is what this video is all about. Tex the Border Collie sure knows how to be agile!

We see Tex move faster than a speeding bullet over see-saws, bridges, jumps and gliding through tunnels and chutes. His dexterity as he weaves through poles, paws splayed and tail wagging, is incredible. He is so swift and accurate – you can see exactly how accurate in the slow motion portions of the video.

After all his hard work, he is rewarded with a hug from his owner and the title of winner of the Masters Agility Championship 2015. Tex is very impressed with himself too, barking his joy at the crowds and making sure all eyes are on him! Well done Tex!



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