Surprised By An Adorable Adopted French Bulldog Puppy


This is one gift we wouldn’t mind waking up to! Rich and Sara saw a beautiful French Bulldog puppy and wanted to adopt her, but alas, the beautiful little creature they fell in love with had already been adopted. Little did Sara know that it was actually Rich who had adopted her already!

This lovely video shows us what happens when Rich brings the puppy home to a sleeping Sara who awakes to find a cute little white bundle of bulldog on the bed. She is bewildered at first and keeps asking Rich how he got her and her smile says it all.

The puppy is just precious, bounding in straight away fro licks and cuddles with her new owner and then looking a little grumpy as she is put on display, legs akimbo, for the camera. This really is a feelgood one and just shows how wonderful adpting a dog can be!

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