Shih-Tzu Puppies And Stairs Are Such Fun


Ahhh, Shih –Tzus. There’s something about this Ewok looking dogs that make everything they do cuter than cute. This video is no exception. Take two Shi-Tzus and one flight of stairs and what do you get? A squeaking, sliding, stumbling bundle of adorable!

These two puppies are experiencing stairs for the first time. Charlotte is brave and adventurous and gets stuck right in to bopping down the stairs one at a time, even coping well as Mom races past her. Her little brother Rhys, however, has a slightly tougher time. He’s not as courageous as his sister so watches how she copes with the stairs from the side-lines before taking an intrepid first step, or should that be slither, down the stair.

His inelegant first steps freak him out a little so he needs LOTS of encouragement to take the next step – cue furious tail wagging and squeaking! Mommy Rosie comes to give him a helping hand, as does Marilyn the cat and his sister Charlotte.

Doe she make it to the bottom? Watch and find out!

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