Sheba The German Shepherd Puppy Outcutes The Whole Internet


ERMERGHERD, as the saying goes. Sheba will have you saying that through sheer disbelief at how beautiful and sweet this little charmer is. Filmed over a period of 6 weeks we get to see Sheba be a puppy and slowly learn how to be a dog.

Watch as she plays with her toys, learns to chew slippers, has cuddles with Mum and Dad, learns to wait patiently and nap pretty much wherever she can, including under the toilet

She learns how to climb stairs, hide under blankets and make friends (well, annoy the bigger dogs). Sheba also gets to go on long runs in the country, dig holes in the ground, go on a car ride and race through the house in excitement before finally learning how to beat the baby gate!

This lovely tea drinking, face licking little wriggle bum is a joy to watch!



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