Scared Foster Pups Get Hugs From A Very Caring Escape Artist!


The Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming facility offers grooming and ‘vacation’ services for pets in Canada. Their security camera recently captured something so adorable, you can’t help but say “Awwwwww”.  Maggie the dog is used to staying at the doggy motel, but some of her fellow guests weren’t so keen. Some ten-week-old puppies experiencing their first stay were extremely scared and their whines and yelps of fear could be heard throughout the facility.

Maggie could hear the puppies too. She decided to do what any Mom would do if their child was scared. She decided to go and make sure they were ok. Maggie was about to become a foster Mom for the night!

Staff at the motel, Alex Aldred and his mother Sandy, watched what happened next on the surveillance camera from home.

Clever Maggie found a way to escape her kennel so she could go and comfort the pups.

Sandy rushed over to the pet motel to help Maggie, who was squeezing under the metal pen she was staying in. Maggie then led Sandy to the puppies’ kennel, signalling where she wanted to be.

Want your heart to break at some doggy cuteness? Then watch the video of Maggie’s exploits below!

What a wonderful dog Maggie is, putting herself through discomfort to make sure the puppies felt better.

In a twist to the tale, ABC News revealed that Maggie had recently had a litter of her own who had all been adopted. That maternal instinct was so strong in her! Maggie has now been adopted herself but the cute pups she comforted are still seeing an awesome new family.

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