Saved From Being Put To Sleep By Minutes


Love Bug is a six-month-old Pit Bull puppy and is totally adorable, even if he is not that pretty to look at. He has mange and cuts and scabs all over his body. He was at an animal shelter who were planning to euthanize him. Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch found out about Love Bug and raced to rescue him from his fate.

Love Bug seemed to have accepted his fate, seemingly giving up on one day being a happy, healthy pup after being abused and neglected for the whole of his short life. However, he didn’t recon on Vet Ranch’s help! Only two weeks later, Love Bug’s cuts are healed and he is feeling miles better.

Watching Love Bug 2.0 being introduced to the world following neutering, vaccinations and a whole lot of love and care for 12 weeks with Vet Ranch will bring tears to your eyes! He is a brand new dog thanks to donations made to Vet Ranch.

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